mars 21 09:13

Vie privée et compteurs intelligents: dangers niés par Hydro

Mise à jour: les ingénieurs de Hydro-Québec soutiennent catégoriquement que le traffic est encrypté sur les compteurs. De plus, nous n'arrivons pas à reproduire les résultats de tests de façon fiable, il faudra donc prendre ce rapport avec un grain de sel. Il est possible que ces communications soient des rapports de d'autres appareils, par exemple des compteurs de gaz.

Ceci n'écarte pas, d'ailleurs des enjeux de vie privée que seule une étude plus poussée, particulièrement avec des antennes directionnelles, pourra révéler.

févr. 28 00:31

Upgrading Debian from 32-bit to 64-bit - AKA "crossgrading from i386 to amd64"

I went crazy again and upgraded my laptop from 32 to 64 bits. This was a rather complex problem, and in retrospect it may have been easier to simply reinstall. But it was a good exercise and a good test of the new multi-arch support, which, I gotta say, works surprisingly well.

A few other people wrote their own procedures already, but I made my own in my wiki (which, incidentally, I am thinking of using to replace this blog which I can't seem to upgrade to even Drupal 7...).

déc. 18 00:19

Password reset of Speedstream 5200 modems

After an extended downtime on my ADSL uplink at home during a nice snowstorm, I got curious and wanted to find out the [SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)] I had on my line, to try to explain why it was down.

It turned out it was more complicated than I thought, because the modem was locked down by Bell Canada (even though I am not a customer). There was a [Windows utility], but since I haven't been running this pathetic operating system in years, I had to find an alternative.

déc. 03 01:00

Announcing a prettier noping

I have implemented really pretty histograms in the venerable ping software, something I never thought could be improved, until I discovered, something that was just begging for improvements.

Which are now done.

oct. 15 2013

Drupalcon Prague 2013 report back

I had the privilege of attending Drupalcon Prague 2013, thanks to generous funding from The event was, as now usual, a large conference for European standards, with around 2000 attendees, making it the largest european Drupalcon, again.

I was mostly there to promote the Aegir project, make the usual BOF session (because our session submission was refused this year again) and meet fellow Aegir developers and users.

I have attended various sessions and keynotes, which I detail here.