New Debian release: my contributions to the #newinwheezy game

So while I haven't work exceptionally hard to help with the Debian Wheezy release (I merely help with a few RC bugs and organised a bug squashing party), I still have a few significant contributions to the release. So here's my claim to fame to the #newinwheezy game:

  • Charybdis - a popular and solid IRC server which is the base of the software behind the Freenode network (amongst others)
  • Kedpm - a Figaro compatible password manager, one of the few out there which supports both a console and graphical UI
  • tty-clock - a simple console clock
  • Drush 5 - probably the best Drush release so far, and although Wheezy doesn't feature the latest release, as soon as wheezy is released, I'll backport the latest (5.9)
  • Gameclock 4 - a great clock engine for timing chess games and other board games - unfortunately, version 5, which has support for go timers, wasn't ready in time for Wheezy, but will be backported