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nov. 18 00:39

bup vs attic silly benchmark

after see attic introduced in a discussion about bup, i figured out i could give it a try. it was answering two of my biggest concerns with bup:

  • backup removal
  • encryption

and seemed to magically out of nowhere and basically do everything i need, with an inline manual on top of it.


févr. 27 23:31

Upgrading Debian from 32-bit to 64-bit - AKA "crossgrading from i386 to amd64"

I went crazy again and upgraded my laptop from 32 to 64 bits. This was a rather complex problem, and in retrospect it may have been easier to simply reinstall. But it was a good exercise and a good test of the new multi-arch support, which, I gotta say, works surprisingly well.

A few other people wrote their own procedures already, but I made my own in my wiki (which, incidentally, I am thinking of using to replace this blog which I can't seem to upgrade to even Drupal 7...).

déc. 17 2013

Password reset of Speedstream 5200 modems

After an extended downtime on my ADSL uplink at home during a nice snowstorm, I got curious and wanted to find out the [SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)] I had on my line, to try to explain why it was down.

It turned out it was more complicated than I thought, because the modem was locked down by Bell Canada (even though I am not a customer). There was a [Windows utility], but since I haven't been running this pathetic operating system in years, I had to find an alternative.

déc. 03 2013

Announcing a prettier noping

I have implemented really pretty histograms in the venerable ping software, something I never thought could be improved, until I discovered, something that was just begging for improvements.

Which are now done.

mai 07 2013

Debian Wheezy et Debian Québec ce samedi!

[En français ci-bas]

As announced by Fabian we are launching the Debian Québec group this saturday, with a release party at UQAM. I may not be present as I was planning to go camping this weekend, but since the weather forecast is rainy so far, I may cancel.

Tel qu'annoncé par Fabian, nous lançons le groupe Debian Québec ce samedi, avec un "release party". Je vais *peut-être être absent vu que je prévoyais sortir en camping, mais vu qu'ils prévoient de la pluie pour 4 jours, je vais peut-être m'abstenir...