déc. 15 2012

Converting my old content to markdown

So I have just converted all the content on this blog to markdown. It was rather painful. I had really old content ranging as far back as 2005 in here, and I went through about 3 distinct markup filters here, most of which were irregular and changing according to the position of the sun, the drupal.org releases and wind speed. Now it's all markdown. This involved patience, drush and 3 hours of wasted time.

nov. 17 2012

First stable release of the Drupal OpenID Provider

A short announcement to mark the release of the first stable OpenID provider for Drupal. Started by James Walker around 4 years ago, I have since then got commit access and taken care of the module for the last 2 years. And while it was not an easy task, with the help of the community, this module was able to mature to a fully featured, flexible and standard implementation during that time. One has to wonder however, is it too late for OpenID?

juill. 15 2011

(A) productive Drush sprint(s)

I was in Boston with Koumbit designers, which were attending the Design Camp. But I wasn't there for the camp (although I did drop by to say hi), but for the Drush sprint. Right after the camp, Moshe, Greg, Owen, Mark, Sam and mysqlf sat down two days straight, working almost non-stop on Drush. 12 hour days of coding, just stopping to eat a sandwich outside... while talking about Drush even more.